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Information security becomes of the highest levels of business concern, as Information security is not only a technical issue, but also a business and governance challenge, which requires the expertise to see it the entire interconnected facts are considered for keeping away your business from cyber threats, where all business’s valuable information becomes available to serve the free virtual market auction sale for the killing or dead.

Your business is the one on at stake, that might be toasted to serve as per virtually reality and you are the potential of the chosen aspirant for such virtual reality hunted game in favor of the hunter by means of unpredictable motive behind it. The only way to get by is get protected with our consultancy service and change these threats to opportunity where we distinguish it; it is a first glance of ROI of the future business positions.

Clientele Summary

Our consultants have over a decade of experience in providing IT and business integration secured services to national and international clients in a wide range of domains such as telecommunication, Bank, finance, education, Health, and customer relationship management. Our target clients include government agencies, educational institutions, Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), private companies and small and medium businesses.


Cyber Security, Information Technology and Business Integrator Consultancy are faced with diverse challenges created by the significant dependency of Secured business operations, Integration services and products on Secured business, IT and the underlying infrastructures service. Living up to these challenges demands from IT and business executives to collaborate and formulate strategic plans to enable the alignment of secured business and IT projects with business goals, and measurement of ICT outcomes in business terms.

 BuzIcon Consultants has taken a pioneering role in harnessing specialized cyber security and information technologies and experience of its team to aid businesses and organizations utilize information technology with cyber security integration in a way that is suitable for their specific business and create new efficiency within organizations. Our services benefit businesses by providing reliable and consistent alignment of Cyber Security with IT efforts and outputs with business needs and expectations, thereby contributing directly to the success of the business through increased productivity.